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we have changed the rules... Pioneering in Extended Value Services Bringing day-to-day activities to your fingertips MMS leads the Eco system of Mobile Apps 24x7 Customer-centric support, Guaranteed Holistic and Versatile solutions for daily chores via Mihir Intelligent Remedies™ Comprehensive Student Management, At your fingertips Go Green approach to Modern Academic Universe via Mihir Intelligent Remedies™ Mihir Intelligent Remedies™ is your Doctor On Call Mihir Healthcare Remedies™ monitors the health of Hospitals Milkman friendly financial solutions! Command your orders and Track !!!
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Mihir's creative Mobile Solution to address harassment at workplaces and colleges.
Telecom & IT Services
MMS offers a comprehensive range of Telecom and IT services
Our proud Solution to help prevent bullying and potential mass violence in school/college campuses across USA.
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Founded in 2011, MMS has been successfully carrying its vision to provide trademarked Mihir Extended Value Services (MEVS)*, which are creative methodologies that facilitate all routine tasks on to the mobile devices in efficient ways that cater to everyday needs of the end users.

The usage of Smart Phones and Apps has grown by leaps and bounds, and there's so much more to go! Mobile-Apps have become integral parts of everyday life of every mobile-user. We take a lead in providing specialized Extended Value Services for all walks of life. While taking advantage of the speeds and the technological advancements of next generation networks, MMS brings all routine activities pertaining to any industry, on to the Mobile devices.

MMS is gearing-up to change the way the world accesses day-to-day information. Mihir Intelligent Remedies (MIR)* plays a very important role in the eco-system of the Mobile users, Educational Institutions, All Industries & Commercial Enterprises and Telecom Service Providers where they can expand their respective operating horizons to make them more adaptable to their ever changing business needs.

MMS is also founded on the core values of Professionalism, Transparency, Innovation and Social responsibility.

*Mihir Mobile Solutions Trademark

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