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Mihir Mobile Solutions invites dedicated and responsible talent with hunger for long-term professional growth and endless craving for personal challenges. We welcome technical and managerial experts who will be part of our proud hardworking “MMS Corporate Family”.

MMS Corporate ladder opens Equal Opportunity doors to talented resources for building vibrant teams in the following four layers:

Leadership Cloud

This layer is the Think Tank of MMS, consisting of internal and external accomplished business leaders that drive the vision and mission of MMS. The dedication and prudence exhibited by this council, shall provide mentorship to build dynamic and energetic organizations based on harmonious relationships to manage ever-expanding sustainable business growth of MMS.

Management Club

Experienced and industry tested & proven professionals, who have the dedication and preparedness to achieve excellence in their domain, are collated to form this layer. Their adaptability and accountability with proactive approach to meet new challenges shall help consolidate and expand the business. Their leadership-by-example and motivational camaraderie shall represent the face of the company and translate to business growth.

Support Ranks

Professionals who have excelled in their recent engagements, may seek new creative challenges with sense of ownership, and be part of growth oriented approach at MMS. These self-driven professionals shall think out-of-the-box for innovation and help build teams for organizational growth for set targets.

Anchor Ranks

Fresh graduates and nascent professionals with enriched knowledge and excellent learning abilities in their approach and enthused to grab business opportunities and raring to face new challenges are the Anchors of MMS..

Opportunity Anchor Ranks
(Experience of
0-3 Yrs)
Support Ranks
(3-7 Yrs)
Management Club
(6-10 Yrs)
Leadership Cloud
(10+ Years)
Product or Application
Architecture / Design    
Testing Roles
Technical Assistance
Product Management  
IT/Networking / Systems
Project Management  
Business Development
Resource Development

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