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Mihir Education Series

The product suite of Mihir Mobile Solutions, under the umbrella of Mihir Extended Value Services, caters to the every day needs of the mobile phone users, irrespective of the walk of life the user represents. Our Customer-focused, User-friendly products are meticulously designed to address the routine tasks that the users perform. All products are carefully orchestrated to reflect MMS' mission and core values.

MMS started its journey with Education vertical. "We have been successfully deploying our solutions since 2011, across India", says Jani Nemana, CEO of Mihir Mobile Solutions, who also oversees the Technology vision and direction of the company. "We helped the Education Industry in their mission to Go Green. Our products and methodologies reduce the usage of paper. MMS Education products facilitate a faster, more secure and reliable communication between the school management, faculty, students and parents.".

Mihir Education Series of products is shown above. Mihir School Bus™ caters to the parents of students of Elementary or Primary classes and Mihir MySchool™ to those of Middle Schools or High Schools. Mihir CampusMate™ is a product with more advanced features, as it addresses the needs of Colleges and Universities, their faculty and their students along with their parents.

Though easy to install, configure and maneuver, all products are fully backed by guaranteed support and service by Mihir Technical Assistance Center (MTAC), 24x7.

The above functional diagram represents MMS business model and how its products connect with its clients and enable them to serve their respective customers with State-of the-art Mobile solutions.

The same model is applied to all industry verticals that MMS caters to:

Education Healthcare Telecom Finance/Banking
Construction Law Enforcement Hospitality Marketing/Advt
Sports Manufacturing Governement Retail
Infotainment Power/Utilities Agriculture ...and many more

These new era of products, built with cutting edge technology, provide the mobile users with the ease and comfort to make payments, check their kids’ progress at school, order food from their favorite restaurants, check the inventory of their small and medium businesses, order a book from their college library and many other routine tasks, where an online computer is usually called for otherwise.

Mihir Intelligent Remedies (MIR), is a unique philosophy that is instilled into the entire product line of MMS to make them holistic and versatile. MIR promotes our products into the global eco-system of Mobile Value Added Services. All our products are Carrier Grade and ensure the highest degree of Subscriber Privacy and the freedom to perform your routine chores anytime, anywhere!

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